She's Got That Vibe Book - What's It All About?

Do you feel like you’re sending out ‘vibes’ that attract unwanted responses from men?

Too often, we’re afraid of being our true selves for fear of what others may think.  Not realizing that it is in the shining of ‘who we really are’ that we draw others. She’s Got That Vibe delivers a life-changing and unique perspective as to why men are attracted to an authentic woman whose vibes communicate what she truly wants!

To help women become aware of her negative vibes in a dating/relationship situation, The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make That Turn Men Off are revealed. This essential every woman’s guide will show you how to be ‘you’ and in so doing ooze such irresistibility that, not only will men will find themselves falling over to get close to you...but so will life.  You will learn how to:

  • Create a new positive sense of self
  • Love yourself and have your needs met
  • Break the cycle of mistakes that turn men off
  • Use your vibes to attract your perfect partner
  • Be effortlessly, authentically you!

Full of invaluable teachings based on the Law of Attraction, She’s Got That Vibe will have you relating to yourself, life and men in a powerful new way.  Valerie also shares her expert insights in the power of self-value in the dating and relationships game and how this significantly affects the way you are treated by men. The core message here is, change your vibes to change your life!