New Book Reveals: The 5 Step Process To Attracting Your Perfect Partner!

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to attract your perfect partner via ...The VIBES principle.

  • Vibes: understanding negative & positive vibes
  • Identifying what you want
  • Being a person with new vibes
  • Expecting your desires
  • Sustaining and maintaining your new vibes

In this Book You Will Discover...

  • The Power Of Your Vibes

    How to change negative vibrations to positive vibrations to attract the qualities in a man you desire.

  • How To Ask For What You Want

    How you can have what you want effortlessly without thinking you need to reciprocate.

  • How To Be You Around Men

    How to unearth those beliefs that are holding you back from being your best and true self

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This is a book about how much you truly value yourself. “She s got that vibe!” explains the theory AND gives you real practical guidance as to how you can increase your own personal self worth. You don’t need a man to feel better about yourself. You need to feel better about yourself …and the man will then find you! 
Enjoy the read …enjoy the journey!

Marie-Claire Carlyle
Marie-Claire Carlyle Author of “How To Become A Money Magnet” and “Money Magnet Mindset”

The essence of this new book on relationships is in the opening sentences - doing something 'contrary to what you truly want.'  This suggests that you inherently know what is right and good for you yet but for whatever reason you choose to suppress that awareness and ignore your better judgement and often with painful consequences and lasting feelings of guilt and shame.  Valerie Campbell brings a fresh and compassionate set of eyes, her qualifications and her own experience to this age-old problem with strategies for self-forgiveness and improving self-worth. Ultimately the reader will emerge with a grounded sense of self-trust and a genuine inner strength to act authentically.

Andrew Priestley
Andrew Priestley Business Coach and Author of 'Don't Start ...Yet!'
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