If it wasn’t for reading She’s Got That Vibe and becoming conscious of how I was behaving in my life and my relationships and attitude with men, I am sure I would have ended my current relationship by now.

Joanne, London

After reading this book, I have implemented changes in myself.  I am much more relaxed, living in the present moment, and allowing everything to be as it is without resisting it and just allowing it.

Denise Dje Komenon, Paris

Whenever I got too serious or when he gets too serious, the relationship would fades away to nothing, the fun element would disappear and inevitably we’d go our separate ways. Your book explained why and with the knowledge I’ve now implemented, I can already see a difference with my current partner.  I know, if I keep this up my love interests will never be the same again.

Nadine, London

I discovered exactly what I was doing wrong, I now take responsibility for it, instead of blaming the men I dated, and have now put a stop to trying to control the man or the relationship. I embrace the moment!

Sharon, New York

I have men coming falling over themselves to ask for my phone number, wanting to spend time with me, offering me drops home, flowers, just for being me – no strings attached!

Deborah,  London

THIS STUFF WORKS, although it must be applied steadily & regularly. Just like any exercise plan, you only get results if applied correctly.  I’m carving out a new life and its happening before my very eyes!

Nikky, Croydon

She’s Got That Vibe reminded me HOW I THINK comes before what I do. The book showed me how my limiting beliefs affect the results I want and if I don’t change my attitude and my way of thinking about me and stop getting stuck in other people’s opinion of me my life will not change.

Joan, London

I’m not ready for a relationship yet, I am focused on my business…I know that when I am about 46 he is just going to show up and we will know we are meant to be together.”  I am working on my authenticity which leaves me simply irresistible to men which is the main keys to attracting my man the one that’s perfect for me.

Valerie, London

She’s Got That Vibe reminded me that in life you get to choose what you do with your time, be miserable or happy.  I choose happiness!

Isabel, London

This is not just an airy fairy book about self-help while dating, it’s a book for all areas of your life! All I can say is that EVERY woman NEEDS to read this book! EVERY Woman!!!

Tamara, London

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