Valerie A. Campbell

As a serial entrepreneur and life enthusiast, Valerie A. Campbell has learned to manage her relationships through her spirituality, trials, errors and experience (both positive and not so much). With an innate desire to give back and empower other women, she has authored the recently released Book “She’s Got That Vibe: How To Attract Your Boo By Being Authentically You!”

This how-to book for women describes how to attract your perfect match by managing the vibes emanated to potential mates and by learning from “The Top 10 Mistakes Women Make that Turn Men Off”; as, at times, humorously presented in this book.

By absorbing Valerie’s narrative, women will understand how to send off vibes true to their intentions, how to get what she wants by becoming a deliberate thinker and how to let go of being stuck in anyone else’s opinion of her. Most importantly, she will learn how to develop her own ideals through being strong, clear and true to herself.

“She’s Got That Vibe” will help her understand that she never has to chase a man, but that by her overall presence - thoughts, words and posture, she will attract her man. This woman captures hearts by an authentic demeanor that has her stand out as not just confident but as a woman with a certain indefinable and elusive quality that radiates to others as feisty, sassy, edgy and playful!

Valerie A. Campbell was born in London to parents of West Indian origin. As the second eldest of 11 children, she learned responsibility from an early age. Because her strict parents looked down upon free expression, she never learned about ways to interact with men from either her father or her mother. After spending time in Barbados, she set up her first business at age 18 selling jeans and t-shirts locally, sourced from her travels around the world from England to Venezuela to St Lucia and New York. These experiences increased her confidence enormously.

From there, Valerie worked in the public sector for 15 years—as the only female manager in a male-dominated environment. Here, she learned about the inner workings of the male mind, as well as the mistakes that women keep making. She also studied personal development from such leaders as Bob Proctor, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Michael Losier and many more.

After developing her spirituality through the bible, studying the power of the mind and the laws of attraction for 20+ years—as well as founding her own Internet Marketing consultancy and a limited partnership firm—she felt ready to share her message with the world. Valerie’s “She’s Got That Vibe” is her mission to continue her spiritual journey by inspiring women to fulfil their spirit and destiny.